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Question 1: What is environment-friendly die board sawing machine?

Answer: Environment-friendly die board sawing machine is CNC controlled machine which is used for die board making. We use saw to cut the kerf on the die board with high accuracy and without pollution but also much lower cost. It is an ideal replacement for laser die board cutting machine that can avoid the quality problems that caused by laser cutting.

Question 2: How do you ensure the high cutting precision with saw blade cutting?

Answer: Tension force monitoring system is applied on this machine which is our own patented technology. Tension force monitoring system will monitor the tension of the saw while working and adjust the tension and direction all the time, which can ensure the saw go straight and vertical.

Question 3: What are the advantages of die board sawing machine?

Answer: It is CNC controlled machine, without using laser, which means no pollution, more cost saving. And unique sawing blade ensures the higher cutting accuracy( no black edge and better clamping).

Question 4: What is your machine warranty period?

Answer: Warranty period is 1 year, not including the human caused damages.

Question 5: Will you provide machine installation service?

Answer: Since machine is easy learning and operating, we can provide installation guide. If necessary, machine installation service and training can be provided, but customers will need to bear the round trip tickets, accommodation cost and pay salary to our engineers.

Question 6: What other equipment do I need to buy to make the die board sawing machine work?

Answer: Only an air compressor is needed.

Question 7: What technique do you use to cut the die board?

Answer: We use thin saw blade to cut the die board.

Question 8: How is the working speed?

Answer: Currently the working speed is 0.5-1m, it will get improved after machine upgrading.

Question 9: What consumable items does this machine have?

Answer:Only the saw blade, and easy to get it replaced.

Question 10: Why do you say it is a environmental machine?

Answer: Because it won’t cause any toxic gas, no radiation and also very energy-saving.

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