The maintenance of air compressor on the laser die cutting machine

The air compressor is part of the laser die cutting machine system. Let me talk about its concept. The air compressor is the main body in the air source device. It is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually the motor) into gas pressure energy. It is the air pressure generator of the compressed air. Below you will find the maintenance and maintenance work for its main components.

1. Air filter element: Under normal circumstances, the dust impurities on the surface of the air filter element should be removed every 500 hours, and it needs to be replaced every 2,000 hours. The inspection or replacement cycle can be extended or shortened depending on the amount of dust.

2. Intake valve seal: When the air compressor of the laser die cutter is working for 4000 hours, check the condition of the seal ring and replace it if necessary.

3. Compressor Lubricant: Check if the lubricating oil is enough every 1000 hours and replace the new oil every 4000 hours.

4. oil filter: every 2,000 hours to replace a new piece.

5.oil vapor separator: need to replace a new piece every 4000 hours.

6. Minimum pressure valve: Clean every 4000 hours and check if the opening pressure is normal.

7. Safety valve: Check whether the action is sensitive every 4000 hours.

8. Drain valve: Discharge water and dirt every 2000 hours.

9. Transmission belt: To adjust the tightness every 2,000 hours, check the wear condition every 4000 hours, and decide whether it needs to be replaced according to the wear condition.

10. Motor maintenance. Perform maintenance according to the motor instruction manual.

In order to enable the air compressor of the laser die cutting machine to operate normally and reliably, and to ensure the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan must be established, and the personnel operation, regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out to keep the air compressor unit clean, oil-free and dust-free.

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