The disadvantage of the laser die cutting machine

Efficiency and power consumption relies upon on the kind of area that want to be carried out and nature of the laser.The laser die cutting machine have high energy consumption.


Laser cutting of pvc board, plastic material by laser die cutting machine.

Two aspect

  1. High cost: 

    Due to the fact when uncovered to heat, plastic emits gas. For this reason, the laser die cutting machine factory have to have well-ventilated room, which is pretty expensive.

  2. Smelly: 

    The smoke and smelly will produced during the laser die cutting machine working processing. Also, the gases launched all through the process of cutting plastic can be detrimental and toxic.


And laser die cutting machine is not can be cut all types of metals. 
Such as copper and aluminum can not be cut using by the laser die cutting machine.


Although it reduces manual error, but sometime need to repairs machine or trail runs, employee comes in close contact with the laser die cutting machine, the laser beam, that can cause burns.

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