Cutting precision of laser die cutting machine

Cutting precision is an important phase of measuring the processing impact of the laser die cutting machine, but for laser die cutting machine,that different devices have different performance and may have different accuracy. 

The cutting accuracy is not depend entirely on the laser die cutting machine itself. But also will affected by many factors. In the following factors:

Primary factroy, different laser die cutting machine have different performance, different price, which also the cutting precision will influence. In genrally, the high power laser die cutting machine with high performance and the higher the accuracy of the table, the higher the accuracy of cutting.

The laser die cutting machine’s laser beam, the laser beam through the focus of the spot after the spot.The laser beam of laser die cutting machine more smaller, the higher cutting accuracy. Thehigh precision which up to 0.01mm


For the laser die cutting machine, the cutting material will also influence the cutting accuracy. For example, with a laser machine of the same specification to cutting, the workpiece material one is stainless steel,other one is aluminum. The cutting accuracy is different, stainless steel cutting precision is high than aluminum cutting precision.

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