CNC Digital Control Cutting Machine, Saw Board Cutting Machine For High-End Quality Die Mould

Short Description:

1.Die Board’s kerf could be in high precision, the error range could be less than 0.02mm

2.No health & no safety problems, no pollution when processing

3.The overall production cost is 1/5 of the laser cutting machine

4.Control the kerf width by controlling the saw’s width and processing speed

5.Applying saw blade to cut the kerf

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CNC Digital Control Cutting Machine, Saw Board Cutting Machine For High-End Quality Die Mould

Our machine is for full-automatic die board making, it’s driven by 9 imported servo motors in total to control the movements and ensure the high cutting precision and accuracy.

die board sawing machine cutting head

The cutting head includes three parts:

1. Saw cutting part is for straight line and curve line cutting

2. Milling tool part is for holes bridging and edge milling

3. Taper knife part is for lettering on die board

As we use saw blade to process the die board, no toxic gas or smelly air would be generated, it’s an eco-friendly die board processing way.

environmentally friendly die board compare with laser die board

Our processed die board is much better than laser die board

1.Control and adjust the kerf width precisely, avoid the quality defects caused by laser cutting

2.Improve the tightness and clamping of the kerf, which help to cut long & big orders

3.Solve the problem of bell-mouth Kerf and improve the verticality

4.Reduce distortion of die board; Remove the black edge of die board

configuration comparison of eco-friendly die board sawing machine & laser die cutting machine

Simple configuration when compared with laser die cutting machine

Eco-friendly die board saw cutting machine only consists of CNC sawing machine and an air compressor. While the laser die board cutting machine has complex configuration: CNC machine; laser generator; power supply system; laser control system; gas supply system; cooling system; air compressor. The related competitive edges of our machine are as below:

1.The whole production cost is 1/5 of laser die board cutting machine.

2.The electricity consumption is 1/10 of high-power laser cutting machine.

3.Saw blade is the only consumable item, which is cheap and easy to get replaced.

4.No start biding time, you can run it anytime.


Max wooden board size


Max cutting area


Overall working speed


Straight line cutting speed


Curve line cutting speed


Wooden board thickness


Air pressure


Voltage requirement

              380V 3 phase

Cutting material

Wooden board, plastic board, Finland board, MDF board, PVC   board, acrylic board

 Some photos of die board sample processed by our machine:

Some photos of die board sample processed by environmentally friendly die sawing machine

Photos of our die board sawing machine:

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